Friday, February 29, 2008

Who is the real Guitar Hero champ???

Oh, yes even Dad and Lynette are Guitar Hero fans...Lorie and Dustin you better watch out...they will beat you before you know it.
As long as dad has his Diet Pepsi, Lynette might have a chance or is Lynette dad's other distraction???

Boys and their Toys

Trent just can't get enough snow...but when he is not pushing the snow around...

You guessed it, he is playing in it. Bridger is always up for a ride, just don't ever stop, because he is never ready to quit.

Oh, but Bridger has his own toys too. He runs his Tonka truck back and forth so much and so fast he is wearing out my rugs. He also has as much fun giving rides as his Dad. Kenadee will sit in it and Bridger will give her rides... You have to watch out, because he will not watch out for you, My toes have been ran over a number of times.