Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Atomic's Day Parade

We sat on the side with all the kids. There was us with our 5 kids, Lynette and Lynette's parents, Lynette's grandchildren Gage and Madie, Doug's kids Madie and Colby (we thought Danette was going to have a baby, but not yet) Cleve was bailing hay. Total watchers about 14, but of course there was enough candy for all.

Jaten was in the parade with his four weeler and Lydsen was riding a scooter from Thursdays.

Dustin was showing off his moves.

Brooklyn was playing in a band. We all had a great time.

Oh, what do you do in the summer time?

Kaden plays games with Gage. (Lynette's grandson)

Kenadee and Bridger watch Dad and Mom work on the house.

We love to climb up hills,

So we can slide down.

Swim in the pool with Madie, (Lynette's grandaughter)

Or, just smile as the days go by. Is that what you do, so do I.

What to do with 2 acers?

You may ask what are the Brownlee's going to do with 2 acers? Trent came to the rescure he found the right toy for the kids...or was it for him. I am not a very good mom I forgot to take pictures of Kaden ride it. The kids are having fun. We told them if they wanted to ride it they have to start it. They are doing really good, sometime they still have trouble.

Sherawn was riding one time and went to stop, the bike tipped over. I think she thought we were going to get mad. I just looked at her and told her that she needs to pick it up. I keep telling them how do we learn if we don't learn from out mistake and try to make things better.

The new house!

The new house is still coming along. We hired out someone to do the walls. The came in one day and pour the next. Much faster then we are.

And the sun set on another day....We will start again in the morning.

Then came the fun part of painting tar. What a mess. We had it everywhere. The only way to get tar off was to use gas...Now that was an expense bath.

What a trip!!!

What a trip. We went to Redfish Lake for July 4Th. There was a micro burst (you may have to look this one up on the Internet, I did because I didn't know what one was) and tree's went down. We were all okay, but it was about 10:00 at night and you could hear the trees cracking, but you couldn't see where they were falling. Cleve, Kenadee and I were not with the others, we were down by the boat dock. There were so many trees in the road it took us about an hour to get back to our family. I think that was the hardest, because all I wanted was my husband.

Bridger's hurt again!!!

Bridger came into the house screaming with blood streaming down his face. OH yes you guessed it....Kenadee strikes again. I do have to stand up for Kenadee, Bridger hit her with a batton and Kenadee through a spinkler at him (what is the deal with throwing sprinkles at siblings anyway.) We had to take him into the emergency room where they glued his wound shut. The part they glued shut is the part in his in his eyebrow, if you can't tell

Trent and Dustin's Bigest Fans

Trent and Dustin were in a Basketball tournament in Mackay sometime ago, and the kids all had to make sign for their dad's. Even if their body's don't hold out their fans were their to cheer them on.