Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another update!!! We got the floor joists on. We did have one problem, we hadn't gotten all the joists nailed on the one side when the wind came up and knocked 8 of them over. Trent and Cleve were in the basement. Pretty scarry.

We got the weight barring walls are up too!! The basement is starting to take shape. Its getting good.

Hopefully we will have walls up on the main floor by next Sunday.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I guess we better get everyone up to speed on our house.
We are still slow, but we are moving along. We finally finished all the concrete. We will be starting wood this week.

We had a guy show up the other night, and brought us a tree. So now we have our first tree.

Our trusses showed up on Fri. and with all the wood for the basement, the main floor, and the trusses it looks like we got something going on.

Trent had his 38th birthday on Sept. 3. The night before we were in bed watching tv. All the lights were out and we heard this banging. We went outside and here was this sign.
Come to find out Dustin, and Cleve were responsable!!

A lady at the grocery store made this cake. Pretty good huh?!?

Bridger wanted to help blow out the candles. So he made sure he was right there.

Bridger had quite a month. He had to have his tonsulls ( I know I spelled that wrong!) out.
He did really good!!! In fact the next day he was out playing and people would come over to check on him and would say are you sure he had surgury??
That was a long day though. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30. So we had to get up at 3am.
We were dragging by the end of the day

Bridger had a birthday on Aug. 11. We had a party for him. As you can see, he is into the movie Cars. He calls it cachow.

He got a remote control cachow car.

He's 3 now. Saybrey had to make sure he had the right amount of fingers.