Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm it!!!

Some times blogging is not the safest thing to do. This one was a little hard for me... I am it. I have to tell you seven interesting things about me, then list seven more people to do the same. hee hee hee. So for not being the most interesting person in the world this one was a little bit hard.

1. I love candy...I have my own little candy stash. This started when I was very young. I would buy candy and then hide it so one else would eat it. I also used this as a bargaining chip when needed. I still have a candy stash, but the kids or Dustin seem to find it. I do come about this pretty naturally...How much candy did you throw away Lynette??? Dad had more then he knew what to do with, but I can't blame Dad for it all Mom helped too.
2.I do not like to be given flowers like rose or anything. I find they die, give me a movie any day of the week. For Mother's Day or Valentines Day, Trent will ask if I want him to send me flowers. I always tell him no, it is a waste of money. I do love flowers that are hand picked or plants. The hand picked flowers do not cost anything and plants last a lot longer.
3. I LOVE TO SING. I have always loved to sing ever since I was very little. The louder I sing the better I am. Oh, if I do not know all the words I can make those up as I go along. Just ask my sisters...They used to tell me "Katie just mouth the words please don't sing when you are sitting by us." I have also past these wonderful skills on to some of my children.
4. I have a hard time closing my eyes (not just because of Bridger hurting me) I have always had this problem. When the prayer is being said, I have to concentrate hard to close my eyes all the way. I also sleep with my eyes half open. This helps me see those who come into my room when I am asleep. Trent is now used to this. He used to say it bothered him, because he wasn't sure if I was awake or asleep.
5. I do not ever sweep the floor. This may sound very gross, but it really is not. I will vacuum the floor. This helps to pick up those things the broom misses or at least that is what I think.
6. I always have to pick up the house before I go to bed. This is a phobia that I have. When I was little I heard a story about this little kid who did not mind his mother by picking up his toys and in the middle of the night, he had a bad dream and yelled for his mom to come in. She fell on the toys and broke her leg. This is why I will pick up all the toys before I go to bed or at least make a path to each of my kids beds.
7. This is the worst. I have holes in my sheets. I bought new sheets at Thursdays about a year ago. They were the best sheet ever. When I washed them once I put to much bleach and now they have a few holes. Trent would ask me if we had other sheets to put on the bed. I told him that I still liked these the best. So I took off the sheets and patched the holes...JUST Like New...except more holes are starting to show up now. Trent even bought me two more new sheet sets a couple of months ago. Those are sitting on the top of our TV. I just keep telling him they are not as good as the ones with hole. The only bad part is when you catch your toe in the sheet and rip it a little more, no big deal.

You are now it...Angie, Anita, Gail, Mary, Kristi, Dusty and Barbara....Some of you might not have a blog site yet...Well my advise to you is...GET ONE.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

You just can't have to much fun in the snow.

Dustin, Cleve, and I went snowmobiling up Pass Creek this last Sat. It was a nice day!! We had a lot of fun just cruising around. I put a couple videos I took on my camera of Cleve and Dustin jumping. Dustin kinda went up sideways so his landing is kinda off. Cleve was a little sore after our ride. He said he's too old for that. I think your only as old as you want to be.

This shot was on the summit of Pass Creek. It's a pretty view.

The Boys know how to Play!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

We have a star in out mist!!!

We have a STAR in our mist!!! Brooklyn was in the spring play Cinderella. She did really good,and I think she had alot of fun doing it.

She was several different parts. She was a cook, a mouse, a maiden, and a mother.

Easter Egg Hunting!!!

Easter Egg Hunting!!!!

Can you believe we had to have the easter egg hunt in the snow?? It was 10 degrees outside. But that didn't slow the kids down.
Brooklyn and Kaden are too old now, so they took pictures and help with the little ones.

Katie was helping Kenadee. She found an egg by the tree. See the snow is trying to go away.

Katie you are sooo hot!!!

Katie had a little accident with Bridger.
The other night Bridger was in our bed watching tv with us. He rolled over and caught Katie in the with his finger. Katie couldn't open her eye the next day, so she went to the doctor. He said there was a chunk of her pupil taken out. Her eye was soo sensitive to light that we would watch tv with all the lights out and she would have sunglasses on and it would still be too bright. She is doing good now!!! She can see again!!!!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Sugar Tournament.

Brooklyn had another basketball tournament. Bridger liked to watch brookyn run up and down the court. And as you can see from his head he took another fall. He was running with his hands in his coat pocket when he went down. He couldn't get his hands out to protect himself. He actually looks pretty good here.

Brooklyn's team won the tournament!! They had 3 games on fri. night and 2 on Sat. Here is the team with their coach holding their shirts that they won .

Heres Brooklyn playing a little defense. She has really gotten good. Its been fun to watch her and her improvement.

She is even getting into the shooting thing!! Trent still needs to work with her some more, but things are going good!! The high school varsity coach is puting this team in a tournament pretty soon that will compete against 9th and 10th graders. They are all 7th graders. They are pretty good.

Oh, Yes another Birthday!!!

Kenadee had her 4th birthday! She was so excited. I think she got everything she wanted and more. But all she kept talking about was the birthday cake.

Monday, March 3, 2008

To many Birthdays!!!

Here is Kaden with his birthday cake. We just bought a cake at the store and let the kids decorate their own cake. Kaden did pretty good, he spelled his name right. Kaden thinks he is getting old now he is 10 and now in double digits he tell us.

Brooklyn our first teenager this year. The big 13. We are not old enough to have a teenager. She is loving every minute of it and loves being in Young Women's...even if she is the only active one.

Brooklyn thought even mom needed to blow out candles....Mom was out of breath before all the candle were out. Three birthdays in one week...That's enough to make anyone sick of Birthday cake, but Kenadee birthday is only days away.