Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Road Show.

Brooklyn was in a Road Show for our ward, but they thought she needed a mother. Can' t you just see how much fun we are having.

Dustin was also in the road show he is the bad guy on the right. So when you watch the video his shirt says "BAD". He was trying to kill the stripling warriors.

Jaten was a bad guy too. He just didn't want to kill any one.
They asked for people to be angles in our play. As you can see Lynette makes a perfect angle. I can hear you say, "Where is Cleve?" Oh that right they didn't ask for devils. HA HA HA. Love you Dad.

We just love to get our hair cuts.

Sherawn wants her hair cut really short, but mom only look off a inch. Oh, well maybe next time.

" I did realize my hair was getting so long or is that hair growing on my chest?"

Kenadee loves to get her hair cut, just look at her smile. " How much are you cutting off?"

"I don't mind getting my hait cut as long as you do not put on the cape."

Kaden hears a who!

Kaden was in the play "Horton hears a who." He had such a great time he is such a ham. He just loves it.

He is the green monkey with the smile from ear to ear.

Here we all are waiting for the play. Get on with the show.