Sunday, March 29, 2009

The sheetrock is going pretty well. We are just getting excited to start painting!!
This is a pic looking at the front door from the dining room.

This is the downstairs. Bridger LOVES to go to the New house. Any time we go over he HAS to go with!!

Another pic of the basement. Those are two guest bedrooms. So when people come to see us they will have a place to stay.So come on up!

Bridger is standing on the stairs going up to the bonus room and 3 bedrooms.

This is looking up stairs from the front door. It is open to the second floor.

This is the family room looking at the kitchen, an archway to the entry way and an archway to the dining room, and an archway to go out to the garage.

This is in the masterbath. Can't wait to use this!!

This is the master bedroom.

Bridger in his room. He is always hangin out in here. He loves it!

Bridger by his window in his bedroom. He is so excited!


The VIPs said...

it's looking great and I'm so jealous of that tub in your master bath- fabulous!

MaudieV said...

Your home is really starting to take shape. It looks so beautiful. I can't blame Bridger for being excited.

Rhonda said...

Your house is going to be so gorgeous!! I love what you're doing!